SYAE - Yogic Studies

About Yogic Studies
The yogic studies courses combine residential stays with several months of guided home practice. Students immerse themselves in a yogic routine and integrate practices into their daily life.

Yogic Studies 1 explores key elements of the Satyananda Yoga tradition. Students are encouraged to develop all aspects of their being and to witness the natural process of positive change that occurs with regular yoga practice.

Yogic Studies 2 outlines the philosophical systems of yoga – Tantra, Samkhya and Vedanta. Concepts of yogic philosophy and yogic psychology are introduced, which includes studying Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and the Chakra System.

Dates Yogic Studies 1:
Session 1: 7 - 19 April 2019
Session 2: 10 - 22 September 2019
Session 3: 29 March - 3 April 2019
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Dates Yogic Studies 2b:
Session 1: 24 March - 5 April 2019
Session 2: 3 - 9 September 2018
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Dates for new courses in 2020 will be published around October 2019.

Course Venue:
Hungarian Yoga Association in Szolad, a quiet village near the beautiful Lake Balaton, a 90-minute drive from Budapest-Airport (Hungary).