Swami Mitrananda - Maaike Chavanu

Member of the Dutch Yoga Union (VYN)
5453 SR Langenboom, email: info@yogabindu.nl, www.yogabindu.nl

Swami Mitrananda has completed the 4 years TTC in The Netherlands in 1993. Her first introduction into Satyananda Yoga was in the classes of Swami Savitananda in 1986. She started her yoga teachings in 1990 in the centre of Swami’s Savitananda and Suryamitra at Nederasselt. For Mitrananda the meeting in 1992 with Swami Niranjanananda has been a large lasting impact and is a true inspiration ever since. She travels very often to Munger and Rikhia for courses or just inspiration visits, ashram life, sometimes taking groups. So she has continued to deepen herself into the Satyananda Yoga, but also by SY courses in the Netherlands and at many seminars all over Europe. Mitrananda has been a member of the EYTF from the beginning.

Since 2001 she teaches in her own centre, Yogabindu – where all teachings are based on Satyananda system of yoga tradition. Her enthusiasm inspires many in weekly classes as well as in workshops. Sometimes a SY teacher is invited to come over to Yogabindu for a course.

Address: Hogeweg 1 - 5453 SR Langenboom
Website: www.yogabindu.nl
Tel: +31 486 475591
Email: info@yogabindu.nl