Swami Annapoorna

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
5451 AR Mill, www.satyanandayoga.nl, email: annapoorna108@gmail.com

Swami Annapoorna started teaching yoga in the early 90’s at the Satyananda Yoga Centrum Nederasselt, that was lead by Swamis Savitananda and Suryamitra.
Annapoorna completed her 4 years Dutch Yoga TTC, yet found her inspiration in Satyananda Yoga in the Bihar School. From 1993 she is travelling to the headquarters in Munger and Rikhia once or twice a year to participate in Yajna’s, festivals, courses and training. She participated in countless SY seminars and Yogic Studies in Europe and India.  From 1995 she has been involved in European Satyananda Yoga organisations such as EYF and SY Academy Europe and was part of the organisation teams of seminars and programs in Holland and Europe. She is a members of the Yoga Vidya Council. After teaching weekly classes for many years, also at the Satyananda Yoga Centre Mill, that was founded by her in 2007, her teaching developed into meditation classes and technics like Tattwa Shuddhi, Kriya Yoga and  Yoga Nidra and conducting puja and havan and chanting of mantras with students and SY teachers.

Satyananda Yoga Centrum Mill
Wilhelminastraat 16
5451 AR Mill
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