Sannyasi Satyam - Sascha Pfeifer

Member of the assessment commitee of the Dutch Yoga Union (VYN)
4381 EL Vlissingen, email:

Satyam has walked the path of Satyananda yoga and meditation since 1994. He is trainined in Satyananda system of yoga in Sweden en started teaching yoga, meditation and Yoga Nidra in weekly classes, in-service trainings, schools, yogatherapy sessions and companies in Germany in 2002 and since 2010 in the Netherlands. In 2013 he opened the yoga and retreatcenter Yoga Sadhana - City YogaRetreat Vlissingen. His style of teaching is characterized by joy, individual approach and deep knowledge of physical and psychological relationships.

Sascha regularly visits the source of yoga in India, particularly the ashram of the Bihar School of Yoga and Rikhiapeeth.

Adress: Sint Jacobsstraat 8 in 4381 EE Vlissingen, Netherlands
Telefon: 0031.(0)6.22653930