Sannyasi Dayanidhi - Ian David Lonsdale

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After 5 years or more of attending dynamic hatha and kundalini yoga classes, I submerged myself in the depths of Satyananda tradition for 6 months in 1992-93 at the Bihar School of Yoga.

My thirst to have deeper knowledge, awareness, experiences and insights into myself as well as to the world around me, has continued to be more than satisfied by the teachings and regular practice of Satyananda Yoga. It has given me a direction, an aim and increased contentment in my life. Through my increased knowledge and experience, I am able to help others to find a more mentally, physically and emotionally balanced path in their life.
The intense, intimate, heart-felt connection I feel with my spiritual guide, Swami Niranjanananda of the Bihar School of Yoga continues to inspire, motivate, uplift and help me understand what I should do, how I should do it and why. I feel truly blessed to have this wisdom and guidance.

The two years of Yogic Studies I followed in Bulgaria gave me enormous understanding and insight into all the different aspects of yoga, Vedanta and Tantra, accelerating my personal and spiritual evolution. This evolution has continued to blossom and my understanding has increasingly become deeper and greater. Satyananda Yoga has become my family and my way of life. In the six weekly classes, the pace in which asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha are practiced, gives one time to experience the effects, the feelings and to process experiences. This allows space to become more aware and to go deeper into your understanding and development on all levels of your being.

Satyananda Yoga is a simple, methodical and concise rendition of the ancient traditions of yoga theory and practice, with the aim of integrating knowledge into your daily life, and of being able to apply this knowledge. Satyananda yoga is suited to all ages and is none competitive.