Satyananda Yoga in Netherlands

Yoga Teachers

Swami Annapoorna

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
5451 AR Mill,, email:

Swami Annapoorna started teaching yoga in the early 90’s at the Satyananda ...

Swami Mitrananda - Maaike Chavanu

Member of the Dutch Yoga Union (VYN)
5453 SR Langenboom, email:,

Swami Mitrananda has completed the 4 years TTC in The Netherlands in 1993. H...

Sannyasi Satyam - Sascha Pfeifer

Member of the assessment commitee of the Dutch Yoga Union (VYN)
4381 EL Vlissingen, email:

Satyam has walked the path of Satyananda yoga and meditation since ...

Sannyasi Dayanidhi - Ian David Lonsdale

1051 xh Amsterdam, email:,

After 5 years or more of attending dynamic hatha and kundalini yoga classes, I submerged my...

Sannyasi Aradhana - Ingrid Pladdet

4471 bj wolphaartsdijk, email:,

I am a yoga teacher with interest in meditation and living yoga life. The lessons are always the Satyanand...

Sannyasi Chittamani - Mieke van der Velden

5451 RZ Mill, E-mail:,

My name is Mieke van der Velden / s.n.Chittamani (1949). In 1992 I got my first initiation from Swami ...

Satyasandhan - Mike Hartog

3082 Rotterdam, E-mail:

In the last 25 years education, through a large variety of yogic studies, was always intertwined with teaching yoga in social centr...