Sannyasi Savita - Corinne Tinguely Albertano

1700 Fribourg,, e-mail:

Savita is founder and director of the Happinez Yoga school in Fribourg, Switzerland.
She has more than 15 years Yoga experience and done profound yogic studies in India and Australia within the Bihar / Satyananda Yoga Tradition up to the academic degree. In addition, Savita completed more than 400h in basic medical studies as well as yoga related medicine.
She is specialised in Yoga for Adults and kids, Privat Yoga & Yoga Therapy.
"At the Happinez Yoga school it is our aim to offer a holistic approach and the experience that it’s not just about the bodily movements, but that the yoga practices are actually influencing ourselfes on a much deeper level. Yoga improves our lifestyle and increases our awareness."

Happinez Yoga School
Passage de la Cour-Robert 3
1700 Fribourg