Sannyasi Samadhi - Urs Isenring

9230  Flawil (St. Gallen)

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2004. I came in contact with the Satyananda Yoga Tradition in 2008 while travelling in New Zealand.  My first experience at the Satyananda Center in Rikhia (India) was like a homecoming. Longer periods spent in Ashrams in Australia, New Zealand and India were a natural next step, which then led to the 2 year Teacher Training. After experiencing the benefits of Yoga in my life it was clear for me that I wanted to share the knowledge I gained with others.

I returned to my hometown in Flawil Switzerland in 2013 where I now teach 6 classes a week. For information please contact me via e-mail: or call: +41 78 799 62 69