Matrika - Magali Böckem

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Born in 1977 in France, I have lived over 20 years abroad and started practicing Yoga in 2007.
In 2010, I meet Ranjan, a Satyananda Yoga teacher, who completely changed my mind about Yoga and presented me the lignage of the Satyananda Yoga. Soon after, I started my training as Yoga Teacher, as a search for myself and a way to learn about who I was. I received my teacher training certificate in Paris, France in 2014.
Over these 4 years, I have not only learned how to teach yoga but most importantly how to integrate yoga in everyday life. I continue to try my best to be a good yogi, but most importantly to become a better Self.  Today, mother of 2 small children, I have plenty of opportunties to learn more about the "matri" in me and yoga helps me every day go through the challenges. I am very happy to see how yoga can also influence my children and I now wish to further develop my Yogic training to pass it on to children.