Kumkum Seth

1402 Copenhagen, Denmark, email: sethmortier@gmail.com

I was born in India and have lived in several countries in Europe and South East Asia, and in the USA. Introduced to Yoga in the late 1980s, I have practiced Satyananda Yoga since the late 1990s. In 2008, I completed my Teacher Training in Rikhia and have subsequently been to Munger. I have had the good fortune to receive Darshan of Sri Swami Satyananda, Swami Niranjanananda, and Swami Satyasangananda. I return to India regularly, and follow ongoing Yoga education and attend events wherever I can, in India and elsewhere.
From early on, I often had students with specific physical or health challenges that made it difficult for them to do the practices. This motivated me to find ways to include them fully in regular classes. I really enjoy this aspect of teaching being an inclusive activity. I have learned a lot from teaching in different languages, across countries and cultures. Because I love singing, I also teach Yoga practices for the voice. In addition to general classes, I teach kids and teachers in schools; I also give classes for pregnancy, seniors, teachers, corporates, migrants; and teach workshops.
Personally, within my rather nomadic life, Yoga has always been a source of constancy, purpose, joy and learning, and it has given me a way to make meaningful connections with other people.