Satyananda Yoga in Sweden

Yoga Centers

Lavandula Yogaskola

64152 Katrineholm,, email:

Lavandula Yogaskola offers courses and retreats in yoga & meditation as per the Satyananda Yoga traditi...

Yoga Teachers

Swami Maitreyi

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
62158 Visby, E-mail:,

Swami Maitreyi first came in contact with Yoga in 1985 and for 7 years she was dee...

Sannyasi Jaya Atma - Lena Setterwall

641 91 Katrineholm, email:,

JayAtma is the founder of Lavandula Yogaskola, Katrineholm, Sweden and has been teaching Yoga since ye...

Sannyasi Gopala - Mattias Hagman

818 41 Forsbacka, email:,

Yoga and meditation teacher, behavioural scientist and ayurvedic teacher started Gavle Yoga School in Swed...

Sannyasi Savita - Helene Joelsson

75654 Uppsala, email:

Helene Savita Joelsson - yoga teacher since 2003, did most of her teachings in Uppsala Yoga school. Savita is specialized in tea...

Sannyasi Divyamurti

74191 Knivsta, email:,  

Divyamurti is holding a Diploma from Bihar School of  Yoga, India where I did my YTTC in 1995 and also in Wa...

Sannyasi Sadhana Mala - Susanne Edenor

90365 Umeå, email:,  

Susanne Sadhana Mala Edenor has been a teacher of Satyananda system of yoga since 2000. She teaches at Umea Yoga...

Kumkum Seth

1402 Copenhagen, Denmark, email:

I was born in India and have lived in several countries in Europe and South East Asia, and in the USA. Introduced to Yoga ...