Swami Muktidhyanam - Jaime Payeras Gil

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
07001 Palma de Mallorca, E-mail: sw.muktidhyanam@gmail.com, www.satyananda-yoga.es

Swami Muktidhyanam was initiated in Satyananda Yoga Tradition during the celebration of the convention in 1993 in Munger, India by Swami Niranjanananda, initiated in Poorna Sannyas in 2013 in Madrid by Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati.

Practitioner of Satyananda Yoga since 1980, he teaches yoga since 1999, (Meditation, relaxation, anti stress techniques, kirtan, n?da yoga, Mantra Yoga).

Founding member and chairman of ASYM (Satyananda Yoga Association of Mallorca)
President of Aim Satyananda Yoga Center since 2004.
Since its beginnings, a founding member of the governing body and Director of SYAE.
He teaches and collaborates in courses and seminars in Mallorca, Spain and Spanish courses in Rikhia and Munger.