Swami Digambarananda - Danilo Hernàndes

28002 Madrid, E-mail: escuela@yogabindu.net, www.yogabindu.net

I am Yoga teacher since 1975. My connection with Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjanananda started in 1984. This relationship enriched and transformed completely my view of Yoga. Thanks to them I discovered the genuine Yoga and the masters that really embodied it.
In 1987 I was initiated by Swami Satyananda into the Karma Sannyasa tradition.
In 1993 I was recognised as Yogacharya by BSY and by I.Y.F.M.
Since 1985 I share the Satyananda system of yoga teachings with numberless yoga practitioners in Spain and in different Latinoamerican countries. Currently, I run "BINDU" Escuela de Yoga de Chamartín (Madrid).
I am immensely thankful to my gurus Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjan and I feel very lucky to consecrate my life to the spreading of Yoga. In 1997 I published the book “Claves del Yoga” where some of the Satyananda system of yoga teachings are presented.