Sannyasi Shivachaitanya

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Yoga came into mi life as a gift in 2001. I started practising and after a few years I discovered that I had to teach and share yoga with others. It was a very nice expierence and started teaching Yoga in 2005. I was lucky to connect with Satyananda Yoga. I have been teaching for 12 years.

When I first visited Rikhia and Ganga Darshan in 2008 and met Sw. Satyananda Saraswati I was immediatly captivated  by his energy. At that moment I felt him as my guru and was initiated in mantra Diksha by Sw. Niranjanananda. In 2010 received Karma Sannyasa initiation by Sw. Satyasangananda.

From 2008 until now I have been visiting Rikhia and Munger every year doing seva, attending yajnas, courses and programs. All those expierences and knowledges are my basis and inspirations for teaching Satyananda system of yoga.