Sannyasi Gyanmurti - Francisco Javier Calatrava Ocana

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I discovered yoga when I was 26, my teacher did not teach Satyananda Yoga but woke up in me a universe to know.

In 1991 I knew of Swami Satyananda and I felt that through him came yoga in a pure, sincere and complete way. From that moment I wanted to go to India, to live the ashram life experience.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to Rikhia and Ganga Dharsan. The experience lived there deeply marked the vision I had of yoga and, therefore, also the way of seeing myself. Since then, the light of Swami Satyananda has been present in my path, which has led me to return regularly to Munger and Rikhia ashrams. Satyananda Yoga was revealing my main reference.

At the time I felt the need to share yoga with other people. In 2013 I started teaching my friends and in 2015 I had the opportunity to teach in some yoga centers in Madrid. In 2017 I finished the first year of Yoga Studies at the Satyananda Academy in Bogotá, which I continue to do today.