Swami Vishwashakti Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga Acharya, Acharya of the Yoga Vidya Council
1000 Ljubljana, www.satyanandayoga.tara.si, E-mail: tara.yoga.center@amis.net

Swami Vishwashakti Saraswati was born in 1949 in Kolkata, India. She started to practice yoga from her very young age. In her life she studied several sciences and she developed herself in very interdisciplinary sense which is still today the motto of her life and teaching, because she has interdisciplinary approach to everything. Due to this she has chosen the path of integral yoga of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
After finishing western medical education Swami Vishwashakti  continued with her education. Firstly she finished her study of ayurveda and now works as ayurvedic physician. She kept her multidisciplinary approach. She enriched her work by integrating knowledge of western medicine and ayurveda. Later she finished her study of traditional Chinese medicine. Her aim was to recognize where these two great and very related traditional medicine systems  come in touch. Thus in her work she also uses her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and accupuncture. Next she also finished study of homeopathy. In all her life she had a great curiosity about other different sciencies and always searched a way to integration of these sciencies. In this way her work, teaching and approach to solving problems in life are very rich, dynamic and in synergy with other sciencies.
Swami Vishwashakti Saraswati is a master of yogic knowledge and a doctor of ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine and homeopathy.
She was a cofounder of the European Yoga Fellowship and is Satyananda Yoga Acharya in Slovenia and Acharya of the Yoga Vidya Council. She is a mebber of the advisory board of the Satyananda Yoga Accademy of Europe.
Swami Vishwashakti lives and works as poorna sannyasin and her leading motto in life is to help those who need help, she unselfishly works for others without expectation of reward. And it is also the main tradition of Satyananda yoga or Bihar School of Yoga.
She is the director of Tara Yoga Center in Slovenia. She is the program director of all programs for education of students in the center. She is the program director of special courses for yoga instructors and ayurvedic therapists. She personally conducts courses and seminars on integral yoga, and advanced meditation techniques as raja yoga and specialized courses for meditation.  She conducts lectures in different European countries.
She is fully dedicated to her guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and his mission.