Swami Mudraroopa MBBS, MD

Member of Yoga Vidya Council
Belgrade, Serbia, Email: biharjogaklub@gmail.com, www.jogabeograd.com

Swami Mudraroopa MBBS, MD was born on Adriatic coast in Croatia and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia where he graduated on the Belgrade Medical School and specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine, and acupuncture as well. He practices yoga from early youth. In 1995 he went to India to Ganga Darshan ashram of Bihar School of Yoga where he completed MS degree in Applied Yoga at Bihar Yoga Bharati university, and dedicated himself to sannyasa life under training of his Guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. He performed various ashram duties and taught yoga in various settings both in and out of the ashram and the university. From 2008, when not in Munger, he resides in Belgrade, Serbia. He teaches and propagates Satyananda Yoga in Serbia, Europe and Mediterranean region, practices yoga therapy and writes on the subject of applied yoga.