Swami Ishananda Saraswati

Satyananda Yoga Acharya
10045 Piossasco (To), www.yogasatyananda.it, email: kvs@yogasatyananda.it

Swami Ishananda Saraswati met her Guru Paramahamsa Satyananda in 1982 receiving from Him the mandate to teach Yoga even if she had not attended any regular training. Next she achieved the qualification as Satyananda system of yoga teacher at Ganga Darshan, attending many TTC lead by Swami Anandananda Saraswati and the “Yogic Studies” at Satyananda Hellas where, in 2000, she was initiated into Poorna Sannyasa by Paramahamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati. She has diplomas R.Y.E. (Research on Yoga Education, 1989); “Yogaterapia” (Ph. G. Mazars, Sorbonne University, France, 1996 ); “World Society for Clinical Yoga and Alternative Medicines” (Lucknow, India, 1998). In the early 90's she introduced Yoga to the social fields: schools, educative-rehabilitative-therapeutic centers, hospitals, prisons and centers for addicted people. From the foundation of Satyananda Ashram Italia, until 1993, she has been part of the Committee, intensively involved in Karma Yoga and teaching kriya yoga sessions, TTC and seminars under the guidance of Swami Anandananda Saraswati.

In 1992, in accordance with Paramhamsa Niranjanananda Saraswati, she founded “Kalpa Vriksha Satyananda School” in Piossasco (To), in 2001 “Kalpa Vriksha Niranjanananda Yoga Center” in Torino and in 2017 “Kalpa Vriksha Vidya Yoga Center” in Piossasco downtown. Since 1995 she conducts TTC, workshops, seminars and lectures to safeguarding the Satyananda Yoga Tradition. She is author of the entry on Yoga in the “Italian Encyclopedia of Wellbeing”, the book “Yoga for addicted people “, “Yoga in the classroom” and several articles on Yoga and Psychology magazines.