Swami Gyanavilasananda - Teresa Auddino

62019 Recanati, www.yoga-satyananda.it, email: info@yoga-satyananda.it

Swami Gyanavilasananda met her Guru, Paramahansa Satyananda, in 1982, she received mantra diksha and 1986 was initiated to poorna sannyasa. Resident at Satyananda Ashram Italia for over seven years and collaborator for twenty more, her yoga training was also at Bihar School of Yoga, where she went many times and received Certificate and Diploma. After the indication from Paramahansa Satyananda she started to teach yoga. Her first teaching experience was in 1987. After several years as a yoga teacher in 1996 she co-founded Tara Center - Scuola di Yoga Satyananda Val Musone (that she’s still holding now), where she teaches basic and advanced yoga classes, pre/post natal yoga, yoga for children and individual lessons and leads seminars. She also taught yoga in school for 18 years.