Swami Arun Kiran

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
47854 Montescudo, www.satyanandaitalia.net, email: scuoladiyoga@satyanandaitalia.net

Swami Arunkiran met her spiritual master Swami Satyananda Saraswati in 1982 in Lipica, Slovenia, where she took mantra diksha and the next year in Tuscany she was given the Spiritual name by Paramahamsa Satyananda.

In 2006 in Venice, she was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, in Jigyasu Sannyasa, and in 2008 in Strunjan (Slovenia) she received initiation into Karma Sannyasa.

On Guru Purnima day in 2010 at Rikhya she was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda into Purna Sannyasa.

She completed the Teacher Training Course at Scuola di Yoga Satyananda Ashram Italia, obtaining the Certificate of Satyananda Yoga Teacher

Since 2006 she collaborates with Satyananda Ashram Italia participating in the various activities and teaching regularly in weekly classes, seminars and teacher training courses. She travels regularly to India at the Bihar School of Yoga and Rikhia to deepen her training and serve through karma yoga.