Sannyasi Yogadhara - Federica Rondano

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Yogadhara met Sw Satyananda in 2007 during the Maha Yagya and received Mantra Diksha from Sw. Niranjanananda. In 2008/09 completed the 4 months Yogic Studies Course in Munger. from 2009 to 2013 she lived continuosly in the Satyananda Ashram Italia under Sw. Anandananda guidance. There she completed the TTC. Since 2014 she devoted her life to teach Satyananda system of yoga in schools, prisons, at home, in regular locations, and finally, at her own Yoga Center that she opened in January 2016. She regularly goes to Satyananda Ashram Italia to keep updated and once a year makes a point to visit either Munger or Rikhia to keep her connection alive.