Sannyasi Prakashmurti

70027 Palo del Colle (Bari), email:

Prakashmurti has been practising yoga since 1988, he knows about Satyananda Yoga in 1994 thanks to Swami Anandananda and in 1995 he receives Mantra Diksha from Swami Niranjanananda. In 1996 he becomes a qualified teacher of  Satyananda system of yoga and deepens the techniques, practice and teaching of  Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. As instructor he introduces yoga in several social institutions. He studies the writings of our tradition as well as other publications on Yoga Tantra and Vedanta. In 2004 he sets up a yoga Shanti Marga Centre and in 2006 he is initiated as Karma Sannyasi by Swami Niranjan. Since then he has been practising the Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan in particular. 

He currently lives in the countryside near Bari and works to offer the possibility of experimenting a yogic life style through the organization of seminars and other local initiatives.