Sannyasi Padmashri - Emilia Del Mastro

27040 Borgo Priolo (Pavia), email:,

Emilia Del Mastro (sn. Padmaśri)  starts practising Yoga in 1998 in Milano with Ferruccio Ascari (sn. Trigunananda),qualified Yoga teacher, and in 2000 travels for the first time to India where she meets the Guru: Swāmī Satyānanda Saraswati  e Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.
In 2003 she enrols in the Teacher Training Course by Satyananda Ashram  Italia in Montescudo (RN) where in 2006 she gets the degree of Satyananda system of yoga teacher.
After a lasting several years cooperation with C.S.Y. of Milano, at present she mostly teaches in Borgo Priolo (a small country village at 70 km from Milano) and in the meantime she continues her training through updating courses and stays in India in the Ashram of Rikhiapeeth and Bihar Schoolof Yoga of Munger.