Sannyasi Mirabai

72015 Fasano (BR), email:

I began practicing yoga since 1992; in the years I participate in training courses and seminars in Italy and India constantly improving my training. I obtained the Yoga Teacher Certificate at the Satyananda Ashram Italia in 1999, completing the training  at the Bihar School of Yoga. In 2010 I completed the Advanced  Meditation Techniques Teaching Certificate at Satyananda Ashram Italia. In 1997 I received the initiation in Mantra Diksha and spiritual name by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati; in Rikhia in 2003 in Jignasu Sannnyasa and  Karma Sannyasa in May 2005. Since 2010 I have founded the Mirabai Yoga Center where I organize beginners and advanced yoga classes. My commitment as a teacher and Sannyasin is to spread yoga as a lifestyle to reach a better self-awareness and knowledge.