Prembindu - Lorena Tell

33057 Palmanova,, email:

Since I can remember I have always felt the desire of spirtual research. When, by chance in 2010, I got in touch with the Association Satyananda Yoga Cormons, I immediately realized this was exactly what I was looking for. I started to attend the courses on a regular basis and the following year I had the chance to listen to an illuminating Satsang of Sw. Anandananda. From then on, I was certain that this would become the path of my life; it was a clear voice coming from my heart. Then I began taking part to Satyananda Ashram Italia programs on a regular basis, in 2012 I received the Mantra and started the TTC; in 2015, in Munger, I received the Jigyasu initiation from Sw. Niranjanananda and my spiritual name, Prembindu. I regularly give yoga lessons at the Satyananda Yoga Cormons.