Centro Studi Yoga

20124 Milano, phone: +39 339 1909041, phone: +39 348 5279691  

Centro Studi Yoga was founded in 1993 by Sn. Trigunananda (Ferruccio Ascari) with the mission of spreading Swami Satyananda's teachings and his integral yoga vision.The teaching methods are  strictly in accordance with the millenary yoga tradition.  The many activities performed at Centro Studi Yoga like publications, conferences, seminars and meetings ranging from ecology to music, from poetry to visual arts, are based on the conviction that yoga is a philosophy as well as a practice that embraces all fields of existence.  

Centro Studi Yoga
Sn. Trigunananda (Ferruccio Ascari)
1. Via G. Borsi, 20143 Milano
2. Via F. Confalonieri, 36 - 20124 Milano
+39.339.1909041, +39.348.5279691