Ishwari - Irene Hurley

22500 Paimpol, France (temporary), E-mail:    

My first experience with yoga was in my early teens. I began to discover pathways that would allow me to move through life in a gentle, caring way, yet with great space for the strong, active involvement with life that I love. The years since then have been a journey of deepening discovery, experience and knowledge, thanks in great part to my study with Sw. Yogajyoti.

Yoga practice has developed my awareness of body and how it feels, my understanding of the mind and how it can generate real happiness, and most importantly yoga has engaged my spirit which loves to be free.  Now a wife and a mother of 3 wonderful children, yoga still guides me on how to protect and nourish that free spirit, how to grow and embrace life to the full.

I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2010 at the Galway Yoga Centre teacher training course (500+ hours over 2 years). In 2015, I qualified with RYE (Research on Yoga in Education, UK) which enables me to teach yoga to pre-school, primary school and secondary school students.

Knowing  what a difference yoga has made to my life, and how much I continue to learn and benefit from it, I am dedicating my time to teaching others, through yoga.