Sannyasi Tulsi - Dr. Peter Nemes

2092 Budakeszi, email:,

Dr. Peter Nemes MD, family doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist and Accredited Yoga teacher

He met Satyananda Yoga in 2004 and his Guru, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in 2006. Between 2005-2011 he completed Yogic Studies 1 and 2 and Teacher Training at Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe and Satyananda Yoga Academy Australasia. He practices Satyananda Yoga for 13 years. He visited the tradition’s Ashrams in India (Rikhia and Munger) a couple of times, and spent and lived there altogether 2 years. He teaches Satyananda system of yoga from 2010. He underlines the giving of the practical teachings of this authentic, ancient, classical and science based Yoga Tradition. He gives lectures on Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology to Yogic Studies Students and Medical Students and Yoga Practicioners, and also gives workshops, seminars and yoga classes. He also translates articles, books and live programs for Satyananda Yoga Hungarian Foundation and Ashram. He took part in the 3 year Sannyasa Training Course, Munger, Bihar, India 2012-2013. He also uses yoga for the wellbeing of psychoterapeutic and psychiatric patients.