Sannyasi Chitra - Ilona Szekely

1161 Budapest, email:

I met yoga in 1996, however I started to practice yoga in deed after participating the Yogic Studies 1 course at Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe in 2005. There the teachers, whom I found radiating some kind of unknown simplicity and purity, left a deep impression on me. I was so inspired by the work of the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe that I became a volunteer for them and helped their background administration for two years.

I met Swami Niranjanananda in 2006 and received mantra initiation from him. Since then I have finished the Yogic Studies 2 training course and received my teacher’s diploma in 2010. As I still had the impression that I knew very-very little about yoga, I took part in the three-year Sannyasa Training with Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and lived at the Ganga Darshan Ashram and Rikhiapeeth from 2012 to 2014. These experiences gave me another impression that yoga is a vast knowledge and a great science and that it allows possibility for infinite growth.

Besides my professional job, I support the work of the Satyananda Yoga Foundation in Hungary by organizing retreats, programs and workshops, and also conducting weekly yoga classes. For me, it is seva.

In order to keep the connection and to remember the teachings of the Masters, I visit the Satyananda Yoga ashrams in Munger and/or Rikhia every year.