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Satyananda Yoga Ashram Szolad

8635 Szolad,  email:,

Satyananda Yoga Center Budapest

1137 Budapest, email:,

Satyananda Yoga Center Budapest
Szent István krt. 12
1137 Budapest

Satyananda Yoga Teachers

Sannyasi Bhaktananda

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Member of Yoga Vidya Council
1051 Budapest, email:,

Bhaktananda went to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger in 2002 for t...

Sannyasi Chitra - Ilona Szekely

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1161 Budapest, email:

I met yoga in 1996, however I started to practice yoga in deed after participating the Yogic Studies 1 course...

Sannyasi Hridaya - Helga Mònika Varga

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1055 Budapest, email:


Sannyasi Tulsi - Dr. Peter Nemes

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
2092 Budakeszi, email:,

Dr. Peter Nemes MD, family doctor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist and Accredited Satyananda...

Sannyasi Gyanbhav - István Triebl

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1118 Budapest, email:  

As a seeker of something more to life than material, I was fortunate to find the Bihar Yoga / Satyananda ...

Sannyasi Kriyachittam - Mónika Holcsa

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1136 Budapest, email:



Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1025 Budapest, email:

I have joined to Saytananda Yoga family in 2004 in Rikhia. That ashram experience was determinative for me for...

Adhyatma - Peter Horvath

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
1052 Budapest, email:  

I m practising Satyananda yoga since 2010, I completed the yogic studies course in Munger in 2012. Since then...