Savitri - Joanna Byatt

15561 Athens, Email:,

I have been a yoga Instructor  for the Satyananda Association for 10 consecutive years. I have received the teacher's certification from Satyanandashram of Greece in 2008 Since then I have attended training seminars to improve my personal development and my evolutionary course as a Yoga Insructor. I have set up a Yoga Center in which I teach the Satyananda system on a daily basis while at the same time I give seminars on issues of yoga and the way we can deepen people and live consciously as social beings. My intention is to develop the positive qualities that a person needs to have and to be able to convey these qualities to other people. I believe that the  Satyananda system/ Bihar yoga offers the tools, the way and the practices with which a person can practice and evolve in that direction. I think this is the only way to change things around the world.