Sannyasi Sivaprakash - Vasileios Chatzinicolaou

11474 Athens, Email:

My first contact with (Satyananda) yoga was in 1999 when I joined weekly yoga classes in Lesvos -my residence at that time. In the beginning of 2000, I met Acharya Sw. Sivamurti during my first visit at Satyanandashram Hellas. I returned to the ashram in April of that year to meet Sw. Niranjan who was visiting and I got my mantra diksha. Since then, I visit the Greek ashram regularly during seminars and events to participate in the Ashram life. In 2007 I traveled to India for the first time to visit Rikhia and Munger Ashrams. Since then, I visit Rikhiapeeth every year during the period of "Satchandi-maha-yajna" and "Yoga Purnima". In 2010, I completed the TTC and got initiated in karma Sanyasa. Since 2011, when I moved to Athens, I am teaching yoga classes daily at various places among which Satyananda Yoga Center Athens (as karma yoga). I am a founding member of the Greek Satyananda Yoga Instructors Affiliation.