Sannyasi Shambhuroopa - Polyxeni Vatti

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My first experience with Yoga was in 1993, when I started seeking relaxation after years of intensive training. From a very young age I was fascinated by athletics and managed to receive several distinctions. Despite the success, I had a feeling of unfulfillment that my young age wouldn't help me comprehend. What I was actually lacking was the inner alignment of body, mind and emotions that leads to balance and contentment. This feeling gradualylead me to discovering yoga.
In 2002 I met my yoga teacher Swami Sivamurti Saraswati who guided me in my education through seminars in Greece and India. I was tought equally the physiology and philosophy of Yoga and thus received a comprehensive education on theoretical and practical basis.
In 2005 I connected with my spiritual teacher ParamahamsaNiranjananandaSaraswati.
In 2008 I was certified as instructor of the the Satyananda system of yoga method 365 hrs,and in 2014 by Yoga Alliance International 200 hrs.