Sannyasi Kalitirtha - Aikaterini Evangelidi

18547 Pireus, Email:

Graduate of the Department of Communication and Mass Media of the National University of Athens (2003), ive worked in the written and electronic press field.
I began my yoga practice in 2006 at Satyananda Yoga Center in Athens and continued in 2009 at  Sitaram Yoga Center with teachers Maria Drania and Dimitris Kolyvas ( Sn Durgashakti& Sn Vedamurti).
I completed my education at Satyanandashram Hellas (Paiania), where i was certified as a yoga instructor trained at the Satyananda System (365 hrs) under the guidance of Sw. Sivamurti Saraswati (International Master of Yoga- Yoga Acharya).
Since 2012 I ve been teaching yoga (Satyananda System of yoga) at Sitaram Yoga Center and in professional settings and I ve been involved in various aspects of Yoga by continuing my education.
I travel to India for training and contacting the Satyananda Yoga tradition, every year, and live in the ashram of my spiritual masters, ParamahamshaSatyanandaSaraswati (Rikhiapeeth) and ParamahamshaNiranjananadaSaraswati (Bihar School of Yoga - Munger).
Yoga for me is a lifestyle.