Sannyasi Gauriroopananda - Eleni Krapi

63078 Chalkidiki, Email:

I am Eleni Krapi, Sn Gauriroopananda, from Greece. I have an 11 year-old-son, Ganesha and I am married to Sn Sankalpananda. My first encounter with Satyananda Yoga was in 1998 through a yoga nidra cassette. In 2005 I started weekly sessions in the Satyananda yoga centre in Thessaloniki, north Greece. Since then Satyananda Yoga supported and taught me through all challenges of life, from standing on my own two feet to becoming a mother. Feeling the need to know more about myself and eventually help other people experience the benefits of Satyananda yoga I completed the TTC both for adults in 2011 and children in 2015.
Since January 2012 I have been an instructor of Yoga trained in the system of Satyananda with “Yoga for all”  sessions first in Germany where I lived for six years and since  2016 at home in Chalkidiki, Greece.
My family and I consider ourselves privileged to be part of Satyananda Yoga.