Sannyasi Bhavanichetana - Marina Syngrou

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I am Bhavanichetana a Yoga Instructer. The mainly raison that i became a yoga teacher is the fact that yoga changed my life and gave me a lot of ways to be a better person. When i teach i become a better student - because through this procedure i can understand myself, through the questions and the reaction i can see things and the most important is that i always feeling the prana when i am doing some meditation techniques and yoga nidra 4 steps.
Satyananda Yoga helps me to be a positive person, to understand the others people, to forive more easily. Satyananda Yoga made me more creative and gave me self confidence. I became able to forgive myself and to love my familly as the way it is. Satyananda yoga  is about give- love-serve and through teaching i can do all the above and they way to do it is HHH.