Satyananda Yoga in Greece

Satyananda Yoga Centers

Satyanandashram Hellas

19002 Paiania (near Athens),,

Satyanandasharam Hellas was inaugurated and named "True Bliss ashram"  ("Satya – Ananda") - by Swami...

Satyananda Yoga Meditation Center Paiania

19002 Paiania, email:, 

The Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centre Paiania was established in 2009 in the town of Paiania. It is housed i...

Satyananda Yoga Meditation Center Athens

10554 Athens, email:,

The Satyananda Yoga Meditation Centre Athens is located in the heart of Athens, close to the Acropolis, just a...

Sitaram Yoga Centre

11745 Athens, email:,   

Since 2003, Sitaram Yoga Centre has provided a comfortable setting for the easy practice of Yoga.
Located in the area of...


Palaión Fáliron, Attiki, Greece,

YOGAPRAXIS is a yoga and meditation center created with the aim of making yoga accessible to all and helping people to come in...

Satyananda Yoga Meditation Center Thessaloniki

54624 Thessaloniki, email:,

Our center is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Koromila 1, close to Aristotelous Square. Housed ...

Satyananda Yoga Acharya

Swami Sivamurti

Satyananda Yoga Acharya, Acharya of the Yoga Vidya Council
19002 Paiania (near Athens),,

Swami Sivamurti Saraswati is an Acharya of...

Satyananda Yoga Teachers

Swami Vedavyasananda - Vasiliki Anagnostou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Member of Yoga Vidya Council
Palaión Fáliron, Attiki, Greece,,

Sw Vedavyasananda was initiated into Poorna sa...

Swami Savikalpananda - Radosavljevic Dusanka

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Member of Yoga Vidya Council
19002 Paiania (near Athens),,

Swami Savikalpananda Saraswati is originally fr...

Swami Aparokshananda

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
19002 Paiania (near Athens),

I have been President of Satyanandashram Hellas, Greece for 6 years and now I am Vice President....

Swami Bhajanananda

Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Member of Yoga Vidya Council
Athens, Email: 

Trained in Satyanandashram Hellas under the guidance of Sw Sivamurti Saraswati. Ini...

Swami Om Murti - Katerina Tatsi

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
19002 Paiania, Email:

Swami Om Murti Saraswati graduated from the Department of Social Anthropology at the Aegean University, Greece...

Swami Kevalyananda

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
19002 Paiania, email: 

Swami Kevalyananda Saraswati graduated from the School of English at Paris University. She has worked as ...

Swami Amritsagar- Efthalia Prassa

Satynanda Yoga Teacher
57500 Epanomi, Email:   

Swami Amritsagar has been practicing yoga since 1988 and giving yoga classes since 2008, after receiving her...

Sannyasi Yoga - Ranjanananda - Athina Gkini

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
Thessaloniki, Email:    

I am specialised in applying yoga tecniques in an educational environment from Kindergarten to University  le...

Sannyasi Vedamurti - Dimitrios Kolyvas

Satyananda Yoga Teacher

I have been teaching yoga since 1995, in parallel with my social and professional activities.Yogic lifestyle is...

Sannyasi Durgashakti - Maria Drania

Satyananda Yoga Teacher

I have been teaching the Satyananda system of yoga since 1991 in Athens. I am a member of Satyanandashram Hella...

Sannyasi Ram - Athanasios Baxevanos

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
42131 Trikala, Email:     

Athanasios is a yoga practitioner since 2007 and is teaching yoga after 2012 when he completed...

Sannyasi Sivaprakash - Vasileios Chatzinicolaou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
11474 Athens, Email:

My first contact with (Satyananda) yoga was in 1999 when I joined weekly yoga classes in Lesvos -my resid...

Sannyasi Kalitirtha - Aikaterini Evangelidi

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
18547 Pireus, Email:

Graduate of the Department of Communication and Mass Media of the National University of Athens (2003), ive wo...

Sannyasi Savikalpa Dhyanam - Dimitra Ioannidou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
65403 Kavala, Email:,

Hari Om! My name is Savikalpa Dhyanam, coming from a small town of north Greece. I had the great...

Sannyasi Atmabhava - Eva Maria Karaitidi

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
106 80 Athens, Email:

I have been teaching weekly classes for all, for beginners, Yoga Nidra classes, Meditation classes (Antar Mou...

Sannyasi Gauriroopananda - Eleni Krapi

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
63078 Chalkidiki, Email:

I am Eleni Krapi, Sn Gauriroopananda, from Greece. I have an 11 year-old-son, Ganesha and I am marrie...

Sannyasi Sri Devi - Mirella Laiou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
15231 Athens, Email:


Sannyasi Janaki - Efthalia Maleka

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
41221 Larissa, Email:,

Efi Maleka met Satyananda Yoga in the year 2000, after she had accomplished universit...

Sannyasi Bhavanichetana - Marina Syngrou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
17672 Kallithea, Email:

I am Bhavanichetana a Satyananda Yoga Instructer. The mainly raison that i became a yoga teacher is t...

Sannyasi Yogavilas - Ioanna Totsiou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
55236 Thessaloniki, Email:

I am a student of Satyananda Yoga since 1990 and I am teaching the Satyananda system of yoga since 2...

Sannyasi Shabda Vani - Theodora-Lola Totsiou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
57001 Thessaloniki, Email:    

I began to practice Satyananda Yoga in 1995. I am a pianist by profession and one of the main reasons f...

Sannyasi Om Shree - Styliani Varouhaki

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
73131 Chania/Crete, Email:

I am Om Shree and I teach yoga in Chania, Crete at the Shraddha Yoga Center. The benefits of practising yo...

Sannyasi Shambhuroopa - Polyxeni Vatti

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
57001 Thermi, Email:

My first experience with Yoga was in 1993, when I started seeking relaxation after years of intensive trainin...

Sannyasi Mahavidyananda - Georgios Zitros

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
41221 Larissa, Email:,

I started with yoga in 2002, while living in Boston, working as an Information T...

Savitri - Joanna Byatt

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
15561 Athens, Email:,

I have been a yoga Instructor  for the Satyananda Association for 10 consecutive ...

Prem - Christina Dourgounaki

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
55535 Thessaloniki, Email:

She is a graduate of the Department of Early Childhood Education of Thessaloniki, Greece and is involve...

Chandra - Sofia Chouliara

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
24100 Kalamata, Email:

I was born in a small town in southwest Peloponnese, Kalamata. That is the place where I first started practi...

Nirbhasa - Eleni Spanou

Satyananda Yoga Teacher
19005 Nea Makri, Email:

Ten years ago I joined the Satyananda yoga tradition because I was inspired from guru Sw. Satyananda's work. ...