Swami Marutdeva

Member of Yoga Vidya Council
24253 Passade, swami.marutdeva@satyam-yoga.org, Tel: 0049-(0)4344-412087

Swami Marutdeva is a Satyananda Yoga Teacher based in northern Germany in the Centre Satyam Yoga Schule which is located in the rural area in a small village on the bank of the lake of Passade. Regular weekly Satyananda Yoga classes, weekend seminars, Yoga Nidra TTC and regular Kirtan gatherings are the main areas of his activities in the field of teaching SatyanandaYoga.      

Adress: An de Laak 6 24253 Passade Germany
Tel: 0049-(0)4344-412087
Email:  swami.marutdeva@satyam-yoga.org