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Satyam Sadhana Zentrum

88138 Hergensweiler,,

The Satyam Sadhana Centre lies in the delightful countryside of the hinterland of Lake Constance near Lindau. Swami Hari Shakti has run the centre since 1995. Regular yoga classes are offered in the centre. The shatkarmas can be learnt here and there are numerous opportunities for practising karma yoga. 

Satyam Sadhana Yoga Zentrum
Volklings 13
88138 Hergensweiler (Nähe Lindau am Bodensee)

Yoga Acharya

Swami Prakashananda

Satyananda Yoga Acharya
23909 Ratzeburg,,

Swami Prakashananda is a sannyasin in the Satyananda yoga tradition. She directed Satyananda Yoga Zentrum e.V. (SYZ) until 2013 as a school and spiritual center at different locations in Germany, most recently in Cologne. In 2013 began a new chapter in her life and she largely retired from teaching Yoga. She continues to direct the publishing house Ananda Verlag. Here all German translations and many Engli...

Yoga Teachers

Swami Hari Shakti - Adelheid Schmitt

88138 Hergensweiler,,

Swami Hari Shakti has run the Satyam Sadhana Centre since 1995. After studying social education and bringing up 3 children who are now grown up, she has devoted her life to yoga. Since 1986 she has been associated with the Bihar School of Yoga and was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda in Poorna Sannyasa in 2000. She did her training from 1988 - 1991 in Germany and India. 

Volklings 13
88138 Hergensweiler (N...

Swami Vedananda

75391 Gechingen, E-mail:

Swami Vedananda Saraswati: Born 1955 in Germany. He met his Guru in 1981 in Raipur (India). When he joined Ganga Darshan Ashram in Munger, in February 1988, he was initiated into the tradition of Sannyasa by his Guruji Paramahansa Satyananda Saraswati. In November 1990 he was sent to Rikhiapeeth to help in the development of the place there. In January 2006 he returned to Germany.
He is conducting Seminars on various subjects, sharing his experienc...

Swami Marutdeva

Member of Yoga Vidya Council
24253 Passade,, Tel: 0049-(0)4344-412087

Swami Marutdeva is a Satyananda Yoga Teacher based in northern Germany in the Centre Satyam Yoga Schule which is located in the rural area in a small village on the bank of the lake of Passade. Regular weekly Satyananda Yoga classes, weekend seminars, Yoga Nidra TTC and regular Kirtan gatherings are the main areas of his activities in the field of teaching SatyanandaYoga.      

Adress: An...

Sannyasi Gyanmudra - Marita Kirschner

Member of Yoga Vidya Council
14059 Berlin, email:

Yoga I am practising since 2001. I studied at the ‘Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe’ and in India at the ‘Bihar School of Yoga’. From 2011 to 2014 I lived at the Ganga Darshan Ashram and was part of the three year Sannyasa Training with Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. There I could gather deep experience to amend my learned knowledge. Since 2015 I am member of the newly founded ‘Yoga Vidya Council’.

My classes and teachin...

Sannyasi Gyanaroopa - Tobias Dickbertel

88239 Wangen/Neuravensburg,,

After studying the various yoga systems worldwide Gyanaroopa found Satyananda Yoga in 2002, whose effects and depth convinced him. Since 2010, he has passed on his knowledge as Yoga teacher, leading seminars and workshops in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a lot of enthusiasm and "head, heart and hands". Numerous further trainings in Europe, India and Australia and many years of his own practice are reflected i...

Sannyasi Divya Drishti - Dr. Inge Friedrich-Rust

61476 Kronberg.,


Telefon privat +49 (0)6173 79924, Mobiltelefon +49 (0)177 9707376

Sannyasi Shakti - Sibylle Strack-Zimmermann

S83727 Schliersee Bayern,, +49 173 35 41 447

Indrani - Eileen Kahnsdorf

15328 Reitwein,,

I am a Yoga Teacher in Frankfurt (Oder) and Reitwein, a small village on the Polish border. I have been teaching yoga there since March 2016. Before that time I had been living in Brisbane, Australia for 10 years, working 8 years of it as an Engineer. In Australia I also completed the Yogic Studies and Yoga Teacher Training at the Satyananda Yoga Academy. I graduated as a Yoga Teacher in January 2015. I then discontinued working a...