Swami Yogabhakti - Micheline Flak

Satyananda Yoga Acharya, Acharya of the Yoga Vidya Council
75009 Paris, email: contact@satyanandashram.asso.fr, www.centrecultureldeyoga.com

Parallel to my career as an English teacher from 1956 to 1994, I met Swami Satyananda in 1968 and became his interpreter during his lectures and seminars in French-speaking countries.

Encouraged by Sri Swamiji, I perceived that yoga had a lot to do with education and started introducing in school some techniques adapted from hatha yoga, pranayama, pratyahara and dharana. With a group of motivated school teachers, I founded R.Y.E. (Research on Yoga in Education) in 1978. It soon attracted a lot of attention from both educators and yogis and we were invited to give seminars on all continents. This action got momentum and led to the creation of

EURYE (European Union of R.Y.E.) at UNESCO presided over by Swami Niranjan in 2000. Thus were spread the seeds of a form of yoga adapted to young people and to the requirements of our times. From 1985 to 1994, I taught as Professor in Educational Sciences at Institut Supérieur de Pédagogie related to Paris Sorbonne University. In 2013 the French Ministry of Education granted R.Y.E. a National Agreement that allows R.Y.E. trained teachers to transmit yoga in all schools. 

I then resigned my functions as president to focus fully on training teachers to Bihar Yoga and continuing translations and publications of BSY books.