Swami Divyaprema Saraswati

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
06380 Moulinet, email: info@satyam-yoga.com,  www.satyam-yoga.com

Swami Divyaprema Saraswati, born in 1939 – member of the Yoga Vidya Council, was first introduced to Satyananda yoga  through a BSY sannyasin. In 1993, she attended the World Yoga Convention in Munger where her daughter, Swami Vidyasagar, was a resident. The visit proved to be life-changing, she quit her job and began to dedicate her life to Satyananda Yoga. After completing the teacher training course in 1993, she started teaching and the following year was initiated into karma yoga by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati. Poorna Sannyas initiation came in 2001.

She established the ‘Ecole de Yoga Satyam’ in 1998 in Roquebrune Cap Martin. In 2005, the school moved to the village of Moulinet where she currently resides, offering classes, seminars, teacher training, programs on kirtans and bhajans. She has initiated two special courses :Yogic approach to Diseases, and a course for women based on the BSY publications, Nawa Yogini Tantra.

Swami Divyaprema continues to visit Munger and Rikhia as well as travel within India annually to widen her understanding et receive inspiration. 

 Ecole de Yoga Satyam
14 bld Borriglione – 06380 Moulinet
Tél  (0033) 04 93 04 82 01 –
info@satyam-yoga.com – www.satyam-yoga.com