Swami Devanath Saraswati - Véronique Daques

25000 Besançon, E-mail: vd.deva@orange.fr, www.yogasatyananda-france.net

I met Swami Satyananda in1980 in Chamarande (France) after the death of my compagnion and first teacher Sw. Javaliananda. I replaced him in Portugal & Martinique and Swamiji encouraged me to come to Monghyr. I staid some months and became poorna sannyas on Basant Panchami 1981. Back in France, I taught the Satyananda system of yoga and left my job: French teacher. In 1984 Swamiji requested me to start lectures, I did it along with various yoga classes in Paris. With Sw. Brahmatattwa & karmas sannyasins we planed for a residential Centre, Aube Yoga Center. After 1992, I involved myself with TTC, stages, seminars and visits of Sw. Niranjan. For personal reasons, I returned to studies in 2005 and completed a doctorate. My whole cursus is a reflexion of my Guruji's first words "Go ahead & work alone".