Swami Brahmatattwa Saraswati

10210 Chesley, www.yogasatyananda-france.net, E-mail: yogacenter.aube@wanadoo.fr

Swami Brahmatattwa experimented the Satyananda Yoga from 1981. She met Swami Satyananda in Paris in 1983/84 and was initiated by Him into karma sannyasa. Her first stays in Munger were the occasion to get inspiration from Swami Niranjan and she took poorna sannyasa in 1989, giving up her social work. She has the opportunity to create and developp the Aube Yoga Center with a small group of French yogis and karma sannyasins, and organized in Aube two big events (1994/97) with Swami Niranjan. She divides her time between seminars in France, yoga trainings in Aube, translation and publication of BSY books and travels in Munger and Rikhia. Her main concern is to link together practices of yoga with the principles and philosophy and to enhance a yogic way of life applicable to everyone.