Sannyasi Yogadevananda - Jean-Luc Vezolle

84000 Avignon, E-mail:

My first teacher was Saswatananda from Avignon. In 1992, I was in contact with the swamis of the Aube Yoga Center and followed the TTC in Aube. I began regular yoga classes in my town after my graduation in 1998. I also involved myself in the area of prisons where I taught the Satyananda system of yoga with enthusiasm. I met Swami Niranjan during the convention of 1993 in Munger, received karma sannyasa initiation in Aube in 1997 and participated to different Swamiji's seminars in Europe. I teach regularly in the different trainings and courses organized by Swami Brahmatattwa in Aube and at the same time, I continue my classes in Avignon. My sadhana and my teachings allow me to better canalize my energies and give me the opportunity to serve others as I have been inclined from a long time.