Sannyasi Sumitrananda - Catherine Marteau-Montels

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I was introduced in Satyananda Yoga by Swami Devanath and received karma sannyasa from Swami Satyananda in 1984 in Paris. I participated actively to the creation of Aube Yoga Center and from 1992 onwards, I do various karma yoga during yoga activities and periods of yogic life. Along with that, I followed the first TTC organized in Aube and received my graduation in 1995. I travelled many times to Munger and Rikhia and attended various Satyananda Yoga European seminars with Gurus. From 2016, I am retired and reside in the Aube Yoga Center. That permits me to adjust with a complete yogic way of life, feeling the simplicity and deepness of the tradition. I do classes to local people and teach during yoga courses and yoga nidra trainings under the aegis of Swamis Brahmatattwa and Devanath.