Sannyasi Nada Jyoti

44000 Nantes, email:, phone: +33/6 74 22 57 89

I started practising Satyananda Yoga in 1993. It so happened that by chance my first teacher was transmitting a traditional Satyananda Yoga.
Quite soon I felt the effects of yoga on my body and mind (more positivity on many aspects of my life and full of energy to handle a working mother's life with two kids, which gave me the joy to continue to go to my Yoga classes week after week. After some time I discovered Satyananda's books.

In 2002 I started the 4 years Yoga Teaching Program advertised by the Centre de Yoga Satyananda de l'Aube in Chesley France. Swami Brahma Tattwa and Swami Devanath were my teachers .I received the Teacher Diploma in September 2006. I started teaching yoga in 2006, giving evening classes after work.

As a yoga teacher, I belong to FIDHY, a  French Yoga Federation connected to the European Yoga Union (UEY) through which I attend each year different Yoga Programs. During one of these seminars I met Swami YogaBhakti, founder of The Satyananda Centre in Paris.

I travelled to Rikhia and Munger in 2004, 2011, 2016, 2017 I attended the European tours of Swami Niranjan in Hungary 2008, of Swami Satsangi in England at Harrogate (2009) and in Paris and Versailles (2010). Yoga has become part of my life and now, having retired from the professional field, I do appreciate sharing with others my experience of yoga while transmitting it.