Sannyasi Mukta - Marie Claire Bahuaud

29500 Ergué Gaberic, email: mcbahuaud@gmail.com

I live in France and practice Satyananda yoga since 2000. I teach it since 2005. I also accompanied a group of students in TTC for a year and a half. Since 2007, I have visited Munger and Rikhia 5 times, including a 6-month stay to participate in the Gurukul Life Course. After having taught yoga professionally for 7 years, I now teach it voluntarily for a humanitarian solidarity organization that I created in 2015, Yoga Solidarity*. I am also working in a service company that helps vulnerable people at home. "Serve-Love-Give" is what inspires me and gives meaning to all the actions I carry out in my private and professional life.

Marie Claire Bahuaud
5 Impasse de Croas Ar Gac
29500 Ergué Gaberic (France) 
Contact : (33) 6 82 39 72 17