Sannyasi Karuna - Francoise Galan

Member of the Yoga Vidya Council
75002 Paris, email:, phone: (0033) 1 42 60 07 78

I discovered Hatha yoga when I was 18 years old. In 1992, to deepen yoga practices I followed  4 years  of teacher yoga training with Andre Van Lysebeth who use to told me that I will teach yoga by being myself and not a yoga teacher… I was enlightened by this.
In 2004 Andre quit this world and I looked for other inspiring yoga teachers, I then met Sw.Yogabhakti. I was immediately inspired by her teachings, I felt we were members of the same family, our Grandfather was Sw.Sivananda… since then I follow her participating to her seminars and satsangs, as well as those of Sw. Brahmatattwa.
In 2006 I met Sw Niranjan in Brittany and since this very moment I only wish being under his guidance. I bought every book of the Bihar Yoga Tradition I found and I began to go to Munger and Rikkhia twice or three times a year.
Since my coming back from the Sannyasa Training, I try to face up all the obstacles life is presenting me with what I learnt and understood during those two years.
I transmit the best I can whatever I experiment of this beautiful tradition