Sannyasi Dharmaratna - Carmen Cisneros

10130 Chessy les Près, email:

Very young I observed myself and people around and, I saw ourselves unhappy, sick and not capable to live in harmony with ourselves, with others or with the environment… So I began to search what to do for myself and I found yoga… this was the beginning of a new life for me! Some years later I thought it was absolutely necessary to share my discoveries and transformation. Yoga had taught me so many wonderful things… I followed a 4 year training of Bihar Yoga Teacher, I read all the books I could find about this tradition and I began to teach it… every day of my life I read and study one or several pages of the writings our Masters have transmitted to us, my library is full of them! I followed a 2 year Sannyasa Training at Sannyasa Peeth in Munger under the Guidance of Swami Niranjan. I am a Sannyasin and live a simple life, I’m always happy, smiling and enriching my inner self. I think that teaching is also given by the example, I try to be open-minded, precise and honest when diffusing the benefits of practising a holistic yoga tradition as the Bihar Yoga’s. Every day I thank God and my Masters for this beautiful gift they put at the Service of our Humanity!

Carmen Cisneros
Sannyasi Dharmaratna 
Domaine de Bois Gérard
10130 Chessy les Près