Sannyasi Devi Sharan

Eildon-Vic, email:, phone: +33/6 30 78 19 72

I am Devi Sharan living in France near Paris. It was in 1985 that I discovered the Satyananda yoga for the first time. Then, I had the opportunity to participate in a Satyananda yoga workshop led by Swami Devanath from the Satyananda Centre de l'Aube and on this occasion, I felt very interested in their teachers training program. In 2004, I became involved in this training provided by Swami Devanath and Swami Brahmatattwa. Since my graduation, I teach the Satyananda system of yoga with a lot of pleasure in the context of standard courses but also with courses more suitable for elderly or disabled, which Satyananada yoga allows us to do because it is easily adaptable to all ages.